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How to Apply a Decal

Video Tutorial for Adult Decals

Video Tutorial for Kid Decals

  1. Peel off the backing of the transfer film. Set the backing aside for later.
  2. Apply the adhesive side of the transfer film to the front of the decal sheet. Rub the transfer film firmly over the mask decal. (If your sheet has additional cutouts, leave those alone for now.)
  3. Lift the mask decal off the backing sheet with the transparent transfer film. You should have the mask skin decal stuck to the transfer film only. 
  4. Use the transfer film as a handle to hold the mask decal. Avoid touching the back of the mask decal and compromising the adhesive. 
  5. Holding the transfer film, align the three pointy darts on the mask decal to the center of the Flo Mask logo.  The outside points should align with the outside of the "F" and the outside of the "K".  The center point should align with the center of the "M"
  6. Press down at this center bottom of the mask decal to hold it in place at this point.
  7. Roll the mask decal onto the Flo Mask frame from this bottom center up to the top. Pick one side to apply first, then do the other.  Rub the decal bit by bit as you advance, to avoid air bubbles.
  8. Mask decal should overlap slightly at the top center of the mask frame. 
  9. Remove the transfer film and set it aside for later. If you still have the backing, you can replace it onto this backing.
  10. Clip the pointy alignment darts off the bottom of the mask with a pair of cutters.  Ideally straight bladed wire cutters, straight bladed cuticle nippers.
  11. Once you are happy with how the decal looks, make sure that you burnish all the edges to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive and keep the decal in place.
  12. If you have additional cutouts and would like to apply them, use the transfer film for ease in applying these to the rest of your Flo Mask.